conference at Tuned City Brussels, 29 june

29. June 2013- Situational Listening
In the spirit of Guy Debord’s dérive, the second day symposium block Situational Listeningpicks up the discourse of immediate experience, nested in a dialectics of walking and listening. By fusing with the backdrop of the city, this day’s program blurs distinctions between lecture / performance and venue / public space. The events begin with a contribution by Francesco Careri in which he develops a notion of walking as an autonomous form of art that at once negotiates and interprets as much as it territorializes and intervenes in the city. Following this overview, Joost Fonteyne will focus on the specific genealogy of the sound walk and explores its contemporary implications. At another location in the city, DOC-team develop the theme of walking as a critical practice of every-day life and show how sound experimentation can link such practices of walking with emerging strategies of urban planning. Brandon LaBelle intensifies the relational in sound in order to spill over the confined limits of ’self’ and ’surroundings’ into sonic territories that forge collectivity. In his analysis of the ‘acoustics of sharing’ LaBelle provides a glimpse at possible alternate modalities of ‘being public’. 
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Block 1 @ Maison du Peuple map >>>
beginning 11:00h
by Francesco Careri (IT)
Lecturer at the Department of Architecture of Roma Tre University
The art of sound walks
by Joost Fonteyne (BE)
Curator, organiser of contemporary music concerts and sound art

Block 2 @ Galerie Rivoli map >>>
beginning 15:00h
by DOC-team – Szilvia Kovács (HU)& Carina Lesky (A) & Anamarija Batista (BiH)
interdisciplinary research group
Shared Space
by Brandon LaBelle (US)
Artist, writer and theorist

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