Careri@ Flâneur – New urban narratives, Lisboa 12-13 maggio

The Conference “Flâneur – New urban narratives”, organized by Procur.arte and the research centres CIAC/UAlg, DINÂMIA’CET – IUL/ ISCTE – IUL and IHA/FSCH-UNL, will take place at the Teatro São Luiz in Lisbon on the 12th and 13th of May 2015. Info on
This conference constitutes one of the key moments of the European project “Flâneur” – an International art project which encourages photographers and writers to explore the urban territory with a new approach to enable a fresh look on the dynamics of European cities and their geographic and social landscapes.
Launching this initiative, the conference will promote discussion between academics, artists and curators and will be articulated in three discussion panels. It will be open to the public and to the participation of network partners.
See program below:

May 12th

Conference Welcome Reception
_Catarina Vaz Pinto (Câmara Municipal de Lisboa)
_Ángel Luis González Fernández (Photo Ireland)
_Krzysztof Candrowicz (Triennale der Photographie Hamburg)

_Nuno Ricou Salgado (Procur.arte)
Keynote speaker:_Francesco Careri (LAC/UniRoma3)
Walking as architecture practice

Panel 1: Rethinking the city walk in modern and contemporary artCoordination: Margarida Brito Alves and Giulia Lamoni (IHA/FCSH-UNL)
Keynote speaker:_Basia Sliwinska (School of Art and Design, Middlesex University)
The ‘aesthetics of pedestrianism’ and the politics of belonging in contemporary women’s art
Speakers:_Gautier Ducatez (Dérive Urbaine magazine)
Dérive Urbaine Magazine (paper’s co-authors:Boris Hurtel, Eric Nosal);

_Jelena Markovic (University of East Sarajevo – Academy of Fine Arts)
Flânerie in unfamiliar language;
_Johanna Steindorf (Bauhaus University Weimar)
Unfolding spaces of my memory: female migration through audio;

_Luísa Salvador (IHA/FCSH-UNL)
Finding a purpose in the act of wandering The sculpture of everyday life;

_Matika Christina (PHD candidate Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
Narrating – Mapping Cities: Artistic strategies of urban interpretation in a series of contemporary maps;

_Sandra Vieira Jurgens (IHA/FCSH-UNL)
Deviation and drift: critical, artistic and curatorial practices in urban contexts
May 13th
Panel 2: City and Cinema – the representations of flâneur in the audiovisualCoordination: Ana Isabel Soares  and Mirian Tavares (CIAC/UAlg)
Keynote speaker:_João Soares (CHAIA/UE)
Measuring with memory, gazing with the feet
Speakers:_Ana Balona Oliveira (CEC-FLUL/IHA-FCSH-UNL/Courtauld, Univ. London)
Walking in the Global City: Edson Chagas’ Found Not Taken Series and Other Works;
_Ana Cabral Martins (FCSH-UNL)Frances Ha: The modern cinematic flâneuse;
_António Canau (FA-UL)
The flanêur as hunting ground – Photographer Mark Cohen, shooting from the hip at close range
_Christina Georga (National Technical University of Athens)
Cinematic Female Flânerie. Masquerade and Transvestism
_Cláudia Albuquerque Lima (UNEB; UALg)
When the masses rise up into History. Photographic wanderings through the urban fabric of Salvador, Bahia
_Marta Toscano (Cieba/FBA-UL)
Wandering around: artists and the city

Panel 3: Territories of flânerie: experiencing urban public spaces today 
Coordination: Pedro Costa and José Luis Saldanha with the collaboration of Ricardo Lopes and Nuno Rodrigues (DINÂMIA’CET/ISCTE-IUL)
Keynote speaker:_Álvaro Domingues (FA-UP)
The territories of flânerie: current experience of urban public spaces
Spearkers:_António Gorgel Pinto (FA-UL)
Creativity Emancipation Machine trough social engaged visual arts. Art projects in neighborhoods: Estrada Militar do alto da Damaia, Alto da Cova da Moura, and 2 de Maio
_Letícia Carmo and Yves Pedrazzini (LaSUR; ENAC-EPFL);
Wandering through the places and alternative culture of Lisbon
_Maria Gil (Teatro do Silêncio)
Teatro do Silêncio: Research Project – Walking

_Paulo Jorge Vieira (CEG/UL; IGOT/UL)
The queer flâneur in Chiado – some ethnograhic remarks on a heterotopic constellation

_Ricardo Luís Silva (Centro Universitário Senac/PPGAU-UPM)
Incorporating the Ragman-collector, or another possibility of appropriation of contemporary urban space

_Teresa Lousa (Cieba/FBA-UL)
STREET ARTIST: The Flâneur Drifting in the city
Scientific committee:
Mirian Tavares and Ana Isabel Soares (CIAC/UAlg)
Pedro Costa and José Luís Saldanha (DINÂMIA’CET – IUL/ ISCTE – IUL)

Margarida Brito Alves, Giulia Lamoni, and Nuno Crespo (Instituto de História da Arte/FCSH UNL)

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