AattornoAtermini No Working e Corso Arti Civiche 2018

Il Corso di Arti Civiche partecipa al progetto di Stalker e NoWorking "AttornoAtermini" per EurHope.

- ATTORNOATERMINI... Rome, Termini. March 21st. - April 20th. 
The public engraving of the "epigraph" of the Caracalla constitution from 212 a.c. and "revived" by us, as the only example of "Planetary Citizenship". This action will take place in between the 21st of march and the 20th of April 2018.( see the attachment Stele with the latin txt)​​ with the support of the MaxxI Museum in Rome. The idea is to engrave the stone together with migrants and visitors  in a critical multicultural public space around Termini station in Rome (Piazza Vittorio, the Vittorio Market, Porta Maggiore) organizing a set of urban actions "AttornoATermini" to "revive" Eurhope with  Stalker - NoWorking, the students magazine Scomodo, the web tv Termini Tv, the and music group Acquaragia Drom. Benedict Esce from Kollectiv-a, architect resident in Villa Massimo who wants to share with us the use of his Grenzhaus (see the attachment Grenzhaus) to discuss in public what does "haimat"  (homeland) means. The Francesco Careri students in Civic Arts from Roma3 University will also partecipate.


Stalker Naked Archive in the foyer of ETH Zurich.
The exhibition will be in three chapters AZIONE – formAZIONE – transformAZIONE. We will rearrange the presentation of the archive three times and host guests including Anne Lacaton, Christoph Girot, Karin Sander and Philip Ursprung. 
archivio a Venezia


ultimamente mi hanno fatto alcuni video, li metto qui: