AattornoAtermini No Working e Corso Arti Civiche 2018

Il Corso di Arti Civiche partecipa al progetto di Stalker e NoWorking "AttornoAtermini" per EurHope.

- ATTORNOATERMINI... Rome, Termini. March 21st. - April 20th. 
The public engraving of the "epigraph" of the Caracalla constitution from 212 a.c. and "revived" by us, as the only example of "Planetary Citizenship". This action will take place in between the 21st of march and the 20th of April 2018.( see the attachment Stele with the latin txt)​​ with the support of the MaxxI Museum in Rome. The idea is to engrave the stone together with migrants and visitors  in a critical multicultural public space around Termini station in Rome (Piazza Vittorio, the Vittorio Market, Porta Maggiore) organizing a set of urban actions "AttornoATermini" to "revive" Eurhope with  Stalker - NoWorking, the students magazine Scomodo, the web tv Termini Tv, the and music group Acquaragia Drom. Benedict Esce from Kollectiv-a, architect resident in Villa Massimo who wants to share with us the use of his Grenzhaus (see the attachment Grenzhaus) to discuss in public what does "haimat"  (homeland) means. The Francesco Careri students in Civic Arts from Roma3 University will also partecipate.

- ARRIVEDERCI ROMA, (Roma in Latium Latere/hiding Rome in the Latium) The collective making of the 1000kg. stone epigraph will be animated by events and at the end of all, for the birthday of Rome the 21st of April, the stone will be carried out of the city in a public march towards the inland... to promote a "Inland/Overseas" marriage to regenerate depopulated villages. The March away from Rome will reach Accumoli a inland Latium village mostly destroyed by the earthquake two years ago.It will take 8/9 days walking from Rome. There the Planetary Citizenship may be voted by the City Council.

-STRAIGHT TO VENICE! The travel could be continued, crossing the Monti Sibillini area badly damaged by the earthquake, to reach Venice, (Ancona - Venice could be done by boat) for the opening of the Biennale. This crazy idea was imagined together with Roger de Près from Ferme du Bonheur, guest artist at the French Pavilion, who works with  transport horses. We thought to use to carry the "Planetary Citizenship Stone" carriage all the way from Rome to Venice!. This all part is not defined at all and finally needs a wide and strong collaboration to make it happen!

- VENICE: The chance of having the Planetary Citizen Stone in Venice would allow a wide roman group (stalker/No working/Scomodo/Termini TV) to partecipate with diverse contributions to the installing of the Encore Hereux/ Lieux Infinis/ Burb camp inside the Caserma Pepe.
The roman teams participation in the camp making workshop could have place in between the 10/11 of may (possible time arrival also for the stone) until the 30 if needed. 

-Venezia - Palermo. How to travel from Venice to Palermo is still al to be understood. If there is some partner interested  a transnational congress could happen by boat across the Adriatic sea: Venice - Pula - Dubrovnik - Bari?. Then from Bari the stone could go though the Inland to Salerno, and from there by boat to Palermo. Of course the stone could also just be shipped directly to Palermo. Easier... We are looking for a sponsorship by some ferry or cruise company.... 

- Palermo. This part of the travel is included in the EU project, Stalker presented (we will have the response in may, see the attached file abstract Palermo). The 10 days Reverse March from Palermo to the new Gibellina village rebuilt by international artists and architects after the 1968 earthquake will be the core of it. The idea is to have the Stone in Palermo for the opening of Manifesta and in time for the workshop to prepare the "Reverse March". The preparation and the action of the march will be shared with artistic and activist collectives and associations from Palermo and Sicily and the support of City of Palermo and the Teatro Massimo opera house and presented in the Internazionale festival in Teatro Massimo. Stalker will held in those days in Palermo e Gibellina workshops with University of Umea (Marie Kraft), Sweden and Roma Tre Master in Environmental Humanities, in Palermo. 

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